Music is a great way of expressing one’s soul. Looking back in history, it’s easy to see that music has contributed so much in the formation of the society as we see it today. There are different motivations to making music. It could be a personal urge to express something. Other composers may just want to create songs to have that amazing feeling of self- fulfillment. A lot of people also compose songs as a means of living. No matter what motivation you’ve got in mind, as long as you convey the message through melodies, you are worthy of being called as a composer.

Now, for newbies that still don’t know how to find their rhythm, here are some simple steps to creating music. 

How to Create Songs in Simple Steps


  1. Benchmark.
    If you are really inclined to music, you must not let the day pass without listening to good music for at least one or a couple of hours. Mind you, the more that you listen to different songs, the more that you would find it easier to compose your own. It is okay to benchmark as long as you do not steal the entire beat of the song.
  2. Master an Instrument.
    Once you are done connecting the rhythm, your next task is to pick a particular instrument that you will use in the song. Remember that not all instruments produce the same intensity and impact once it is accompanied by lyrics. Just determine the fitting instrument, plot the right chords, and you’re good to go.
  3. Compose Using Your Ears.
    Hitting the right rhythms, pauses, and breaks are not as easy as you may have thought. In creating your music, you need to be very critical in spotting issues, including problems on pitch, phrasing, and intonation. Your ears must be capable of identifying these crucial factors; otherwise, your music will not be pleasing to other people’s ears.