Writer Michael C. Patterson shared his recent experience with his friend. Well, according to Michael, ‘not-so-good’ experience is the right term.  His friend burst out in total disappointment about his job. Michael’s creative friend said that his workplace is toxic and he can’t barely find the nerves to keep working in the company in the next ten years.

To make the conversation light, the writer threw some witty lines. Michael said that his friend is fortunate since creative minds surround him.  However, the answer of Michael’s friend is a different story.

According to the friend of Michael, people in the television company (which he is currently working) are not that creative at all. He further shared his daily dilemma in working with young minds who are still at the budding stage of their competence. He said that every day, he takes the challenge of helping the young ones accomplish their task so that it fits with the high standards of broadcast media.

Upon hearing these words, Michael asked his friend on what creativity is really all about. Here are the definitions that he got:

Creativity in the Eyes of a T.V. Personnel

  1. Balanced. Creativity is about balancing two things- novelty and routine. Novelty means innovation, and routine is a habitual action. In other words, you must keep on thinking of new ways to serve the clients. Now, if you are out of creative juices, maybe you need some time to rest.
  2. Motivation. No one can defeat a motivated mind. That’s why people in the media (T.V. or print) always find a good ground to practice their craft. They must get some fuel inside their heart to keep them grinding and fulfill their role with the highest expected standards.
  3. Service. Creativity is about the undying urge to serve the people. You will sort all possible means and ideas just to meet the demand of the public.